Why shouldn’t you vote for Donald Trump?



With the advancement of the year of 2016, many people, especially the Republicans have high hopes of the infamous Donald Trump to be elected as the President. Trump promises to be the “Law and Order” president but do his actions truly indicate so? He is bad news. Look at the future with Trump as the president. You will see a greater number of homeless people and more number of golf courses. You will see unequal rights being exercised upon the citizens of the nation. You will see world peace being disrupted because of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a bad example, as President and he should, under no condition, be elected. He is a closed minded person without the ability to think beyond his own needs. He is a narcissist who only seeks for his selfish needs. His words are biased and he clearly does not care about the people. There are still some Republicans in the nation who are ardent followers of Donald Trump and think he is the right one. God help the people who think Donald Trump will be an apt president. A country needs someone who loves the country and actually has the patience to sit and think about world peace and take actions based on that. Impulsive and irrational decisions are not entertained.

1: Trump’s unprofessionalism.

Donald Trump is a man who is unprofessional in his behavior. His lectures are mostly comprised of bad jokes, which are not at all appealing to the audience. He remains under the impression that people enjoy that but that is not true. He is someone who built a lot of golf courses and hotels but that doesn’t add anything charismatic to his dense personality. Besides that, he has contributed to the humor of a celebrity roast show by being an honorary punch line.

2: Trump is narrow minded

Donald Trump believed that marriage could exist only between a man and a woman. He is against the LGBT community and if he becomes the President, then its goodbye to marriages for people who are everything but straight. This shows how narrow-minded Donald Trump is. He doesn’t treat every citizen with equality and brings his personal opinions to surface through his political vices. His views and opinions on this is certainly not a wise one as it secludes a huge part of the population to a corner leaving them with unequal rights.

3: Trump isn’t that great a businessman either

There are many billionaires in the world and Trump happens to be one them. It is not that big of a deal. Besides that, it doesn’t matter whether he is a billionaire or not if he has biased opinions on a number of important issues that highly concern the nation. Besides that, he is the owner of an incredible inheritance so he did not build anything from scratch. There have been many times when he made bad decisions because of which he was broke.

4: Trump is a narcissist

Donald Trump is someone who likes to blow his own trumpet. He is a bad listener as is evident from the international peace conferences. He actually left the scene when people did not believe or agree with his views. This is unprofessional and a sign of narrow mindedness. To run a country, one needs to listen to everything, discuss matters with the big nations and then come to a wise conclusion that can be mutually agreed upon for every nation’s benefit.

5: Trump is not a brilliant person.

Donald Trump does have some knowledge due to his education and experience in the field of business. However, he doesn’t have any knowledge in science or mathematics. A president needs to be an all rounder or at least have the basic idea about the different subjects. A country needs an intelligent person, not a person with a narrowed line of interest.

6: Trump is ignorant about key positions

Donald Trump literally is uninformed and doesn’t have to interest to know about important things like how nations or sanctions work. He does not clearly understand what sanctions mean as he has screamed more than once “More sanctions!”

7: Trump has a greedy nature

The people of America have always made an effort to improve the social conditions of the country. But Donald Trump aims to put an end to job programs and welfare monies. His greedy nature will be detrimental the poor and it will affect the economical margin of America.

8: Trump has shown signs of racism

Donald Trump expressed his racist comment on Blacks and Latinos saying that they commit the maximum number of crimes. He has expressed several other opinions that clearly speak of racism. A country cannot have a president who is a racist in his thoughts, words and actions.

9: Trump’s personality and character is doubtful

Donald Trump only looks out for his own interests and doesn’t care for the citizens all that much. He wiped off Scottish citizen from their homes just so he could build a golf course, which is far less; important those that patch of land providing shelter to a lot of people. Besides that, he has shown no mercy for the poor and went against affordable health treatment for the poor. Who does that, seriously?

10: Trump is impetuous

As a president or a big political character, it is important that he or she has enough patience and takes decisions with a calm mind. His bad decisions have led him to file ‘bankruptcy’ several times. He is very impulsive and doesn’t think before he acts.
If continued, this list can cover several other traits and behavioral aspects of Donald Trump that will highly reduce his candidacy. But these top 10 reasons basically cover the important negative aspects about Donald Trump. Voting for Trump I s completely dependent on you, the citizen. But the points mentioned above are evident from the words that he spoke and the actions that he has taken so far.


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