25 Longest Living Dog Breeds


2525. Pomeranian

25 Longest Living Dog Breeds

Amongst the greatest tragedies that life throws at us is that the life span of our lovable, dedicated, and furred pet buddies are much less than our life span. The people of FindTheBest had created a catalog of the dog breeds that have the greatest life span. They have done this by drawing on information from the Kennel Club of USA, and also information that that they have got from the users of Find The Best that are present on the page on the topic of Dog Breeds.
Go through the section below to take a look at the 25 Longest Living Dog Breeds, covering the gamut from the pure breeds through to the illustrious mixes.

25. Pomeranian :

source of the pic :Pets4Homes

This dog breed has the look of an animated toy whose place of origin is the Pomerania province, which is presently the area covered by Germany/Poland. They came into eminence in the year of 1888 when Queen Victoria took a liking for a Pomeranian at Florence in Italy, and carried it back to The UK with her.
The maximum expected life span of this breed is 16 years while its average expected life span is 16 Years.




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