After Being Hit By Car, Family Refuses To Take Back ‘Gross’ Dog


1Part A:

Every dog deserves to be treated with the same level of respect, whether they are a “normal” animal or not. Unfortunately, there are many who will take the chance to mistreat an animal or behave in an unspeakable manner if they feel that the creature is a lesser being.

Sidewalk Specials is an organization in Cape Town, South Africa that prides themselves on assisting dogs that are in need of their assistance. When dogs are abused and abandoned, the good people at this organization take it upon themselves to step in and offer them the kind and gentle treatment that they have been sorely lacking.

They also urge those who are in search of a pet to call their own to adopt one that has been rescued, as opposed to going out to buy a new one. Their primary objective is to re-home all of the dogs out there who are not receiving the correct treatment from the humans that are supposed to be providing them with tender and loving care.

One of their most recent additions is a dog by the name of Squirrel. Squirrel has had a rough go of things and when she was struck by a car, her family began to refer to her as “gross”. Instead of rallying around the dog during her time of need, they were too worried about her physical appearance to care.

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