13 DUMBEST Dog Breeds – No. 5 Will Blow Your Mind!


We all love our household companions and there is nothing like their smiling face to greet us when we get home. When it comes to a dog, there is nothing like a smart dog that is well-behaved and trained, but sometimes a goofy and not so smart dog can really be the cure for anything life hands you. While they might be a tad slower than other dogs out there, these pooches make up for their intelligence in other ways. If you have encountered a dumb dog, then you may understand what it is like to spend time with it.


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SOURCE OF PIC : American Kennel Club

This dog is notorious for being a “lap” dog and tends to have a very stubborn personality. With that said this breed has issues taking orders and commands and cannot learn as well as other dogs. The Pekingese was the first ever lap dog to become widespread across the world and they ae highly known to have a very high-pitched, yapping bark, regardless if there is even anything to bark at. This dog breed can be pretty frustrating at times depending on the breed and if you are searching for a dog that is more playful and energetic, you may want to swap to something a bit more rambunctious.

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  1. You must have never owned a chow chow. I have 3 and they are the smartest dogs I have ever had!!! Stubborn does NOT mean they are not smart!!! Do your homework!

  2. I disagree with every choice of dog in this article. There is no such thing as a dumb dog, only a dumb owner. Each and every dog can learn whatever an owner wants it to, but it is up to the owner to have the patience and persevere with positive attitude to help the dog learn. This is a really biased article and not one of these dogs is dumb. Stubborness doesn’t count as dumb. Definitely thumbs down to the author. 🙁

  3. I disagree. If anything, Pekingeses are way too smart fuckwits that think they’re royals. They are hard to train, yes, but it’s because they develop small dog syndrome very easily, they like to be the baby of the house, they like all the attention on them and they only follow comanda when they feel like. They are not stupid, they are way too smart. My seizure dog almost trained himself, is a Pekingese that luckily does work with me every time. They have their own belongings and like shiny and things with sounds. They are territorial and have no concept of how small they are. They believe they are HUGE. But they work great in small apartments without children where they are THE babies and Center of attention. They require a lot of grooming and patience.

  4. You don’t know shit about Chihuahuas! The reason their heads are big is because they have the biggest brain of any dog breed. Both my Chihuahuas have won in obedience, and the oldest is a certified therapy dog and is also my personal service dog. She knows before I do when I’m going to have a seizure. I bet YOU couldn’t tell me!

  5. Obviously this is an article based on bias because it certainly isn’t based on fact. Chihuahua’s are not dumb dogs, I’ve owned several. Why put all chi’s into one group? I have never owned a mean Chihuahua. They are sweet, loving and fierce little dogs with big hearts. Your article sincerely stinks. Thank you

  6. I have to laugh at this listing there are a couple maybe but some i know you dont know are chihuahua, beagles, bassett hounds, rottweilers. own the dog before judging them.


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