7 HUMAN FOODS You Should NEVER Feed Your DOG!

No. 5 Will Blow Your Mind!


If you are a new pet owner or were unaware that many human foods can be fatally poisonous to your dog, it’s important to know what your dog can’t have to protect it. Make sure you know all the foods and household items that are poisonous to dogs and tell your guests not to feed your pets at all.

7Onions :

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source of pic : Pet Poison Helpline

The sulfurs in onions and other plants in the onion family such as leeks, garlic and chives are very toxic to dogs. The sulfurs react with the cell membranes and make them explode. If you see your dog breathing fast, vomiting, having diarrhea, very tired or their gums or eyes are turning yellow, they may have been poisoned. If you know they ate some onions you should rush them to the animal hospital.

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