8 Common BATH-TIME Mistakes Pet Owners Make || why do dogs hate baths?


We have a furry new addition to our family, a French Bulldog named Louie. Louie and I made it through bath time unscathed. We finished with a brisk towel dry and a spritz of kiwi-scented dog cologne. When I had my first dog, Lulu, dog grooming was a little more basic. With Louie, there are a lot more than flea and tick shampoos at my disposal. The lineup now includes detangling sprays, leave-in conditioners, and — I kid you not — doggie hair gel. But all those fancy products fail to help many of us overcome one major hurdle: when dogs hate baths like Lulu did.

Lulu used to be a handful at bath time. She would run, hide and wail, leaving me with a house that smelled of wet dog. For examples of similar doggie drama, search “dogs who hate bath time” on YouTube.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to introduce good habits — even if your dog hates baths. Professional dog trainer Mario Bardouille has spent the past 18 years specializing in behavior modification. He shares some of this common mistakes dog owners make during bath time.

8Wrong Water Temperature

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Shoot for lukewarm water, says Jocelyn Robles, a professional groomer at Holiday House Pet Resort, a veterinarian-owned pet resort and training center in Doylestown, Pa. Water that’s too hot or too cold will create a negative stimulus for your pet, which may turn them off of bath time for the long haul.
So how do you know it’s the right temperature? Spray the nozzle on your forearm first, just like you would if you were giving a baby a bath, Robles says. The area of skin is more sensitive to temperature than your hands.

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